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Co-produced with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, My Bird World HD is a collection of four delightful games that teach you about North American birds. The goal is to fill your Bird World with all 24 birds. Play two of the games to win birds and place them in different habitats. Then play two different games to win food for your birds! Every time you feed a bird, you’ll learn more about it and hear it sing.

“With these intriguing and fun challenges, learn about North American birds, including their songs, food choices, and habitats. The game is filled with fascinating facts, real bird calls, and great photos!” Nancy Trautman, Director of Education, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

“Could this app give Angry Birds a run for its money? It was a unanimous vote of “awesomeness” by the group of students giving this app a test ride. They all agreed that this app was the best they’d played, ever!” Teachers with apps 10/29/11

  • Play nine different levels of Memory, matching birds and their songs.
  • Watch closely to track flying birds in a game called Flight Patterns.
  • Test your bird knowledge – or make good guesses – in the Match Facts game.
  • And act fast to find the right bird to keep an Infestation of bugs and other prey at bay!

Keep playing until you’ve won all 24 birds. Then you can purchase five more birds to learn about or hit reset and start again!


  • Includes four different games with multiple levels, to teach people of all ages about North American birds.
  • From the American Avocet to the Yellow Warbler, My Bird World features favorite songbirds, owls, hawks, water birds, an eagle, woodpecker, hummingbird, and more.
  • Place your birds in six beautiful habitats – woods, field, shore, lake, marsh, and barn – and move them from one to another to learn where they like to live.
  • Learn over 400 facts about birds as you play games and feed your birds.
  • Brings learning to life with 48 stunning photographs of 24 birds, both perched and flying.
  • Stunning audio includes bird songs and calls from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s world famous Macaulay Library, the world’s largest collection of natural sounds.The four games in My Bird World teach a variety of learning skills: memory, reading, sound and visual pattern recognition, and bird identification.

Photo Credits
We give thanks to the following wildlife photographers who have made Bird World so visually stunning with their incredible images.

American Avocet: ©Glenn Price. Cutout ©Bobby Deal/RealDealPhoto American Goldfinch: ©Tim Zurowski. Cutout ©David Kay American Kestrel: ©Judd Patterson. Cutout ©Richard Ettlinger Barn Owl: ©Miles Away Photography. Cutout ©mlorenz Barn Swallow: ©Judd Patterson. Cutout ©Per Christensen Belted Kingfisher: ©Gene Blackwell. Cutout ©Dave Hawkins Black-capped Chickadee: ©Steven Russell Smith Photos. Cutout ©Bruce Macqueen Brown Pelican: ©Arto Hakola Cedar Waxwing: ©Peter Gyure Common Loon: ©Ontario Ltd. Cutout ©Jeff Grabert Downy Woodpecker: ©Bob Gress Great Blue Heron: ©Judy Kennamer. Cutout ©Delandra Cuce Herring Gull: ©Mierna. Cutout ©Hadot House Sparrow: ©Marcin Perkowski House Wren: ©Steve Byland Northern Cardinal: ©Steve Byland. Cutout ©Rusty Dodson Osprey: ©Arto Hakola. Head shot ©Stubblefield Photography Red-tailed Hawk: ©Ronnie Howard. Cutout ©Spaceheater Ruby-throated Hummingbird: ©Bill Leaman. Cutout ©Steve Byland Sanderling: ©Judd Patterson. Cutout ©Thomas Lozinski Short-eared Owl: ©Kristin Westlake. Cutout ©Florian Andronache Snowy Egret: ©Norman Bateman. Cutout ©Arto Hakola Wood Duck: ©Julie Lubick. Cutout ©Paul Edwards Yellow Warbler: ©Lloyd Spitalnik. Cutout ©Cosmin Nahaiciuc

Background images: Field: ©Fotokon Barn: ©Refocus Lake: ©Natalia Bratslavsky Shore: ©Lengel Woods: ©Val Thoermer